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  1. Helk needs to listen before its to late

    The new roadmap that FacePunch posted got me excited to play the game again.
  2. @*Red PvP walls would be kind of cool. I'm assuming you mean that they are walls that would despawn on a shortened timer? That may even help frame rate and entity issues! Rustafied Main looks hideous with all the wooden\stone external walls that are spammed across the map.
  3. Helk needs to listen before its to late

    I wish the BP system would come back, but in game development the number one rule is to never go back. If I were Helk, I would begin working on the necessary steps to get this game out of early access. Who the fuck asked for a tank? Sure, that sounds like a great idea, but when are supercomputers going to be able to run Rust without constant FPS drops or random stutters in game? I have a 980 ti graphics card and i7 4790k processor and two days into a 300 pop wipe my computer dips below 60 fps every once in a while. If Helk wants to continue with his RNG based game, that's fine with me. I will gladly listen to him when he says to go play a different game if you are unhappy with the state of Rust. I bought this game because it was considered one of the most hardcore survival games available on the steam market roughly 3 years ago. Remember when you could bone club backwards doors? Remember when you could pickaxe stone external walls? Remember when you could corner pickaxe 1x1's even if the walls were hardside? Remember when a skilled marksman could take out larger groups simply because they couldn't handle the AK-47 recoil? Remember when people weren't afraid to online raid, because loot wasn't as valuable and didn't take 3 days to get 30 rockets? I just don't find the game enjoyable anymore. Make this game unforgiving like it used to be, instead of compromising for players who complain on Reddit with less than 100 hours. Until then, I will gladly play CS: Go where I can have an even 5v5 match, be awarded for skill, and not have to worry about a 25 man group killing me in half a second. It's been a fun three years of Rust, but I have definitely enjoyed catching up on my sleep the past month or so
  4. Chests in rocks

    They added a mountain on top of someone's base on Hapis. Funniest shit ever. The guy was freaking out
  5. Prime needs more players

    To defend computer... Support rarely EVER takes 3+ days to respond to any situation. So again, either his friend was lying or submitted it to the wrong department. -The situation has been resolved
  6. What happened to the Low pop server?

    Server wiped
  7. client update required! what do i do?

    You need to update your game through steam. Log off, update, and re-launch.
  8. Prime needs more players

    The first two wipes the Medium server had about 20 players on it. Look at it now. There is always a 100+ person queue
  9. Small Update Day

    This is commander Drearevon returning from covert ops, DOA bar seems to be destroyed if any surviving members of the Republic are still out there contact me on this frequency. Dre out. -First Rustafied Prime Roleplay Server 2017
  10. Rustafied Community Event Update

    If only I would have added "It's time to improvise." at the end of my sentence. Then held a rocket launcher instead of a thompson. I would have struck Reddit gold, or something like that.
  11. When you are building a castle for the community event, and accidentally mess up 15+ stone walls. We've been doing this for a good hour now
  12. Rust PvP Montage

    @[email protected] it guys! Thanks.
  13. The End of Rustafied Hapis Hackers

    Wow. I want to thank you all for the support. I just got back from work and couldn't believe my eyes. This is one of the reasons that I love playing Hapis Island. We all know each other (for good or bad) and are still able to do what is best for the community at the end of the day. @xplodingboy I know that I may have named one admin in my 'blog' (if you would even call it that), but I purposely did not name the others as this was not meant to be an attack on Rustafied or any Rustafied staff member. I love writing and this was just a fun way for me to express the past few wipes on Rustafied Hapis.
  14. 2 months ago I reported a group of players on Rustafied Hapis for blatantly hacking. After a week without a response, I decided it was time to join the TeamSpeak and speak directly to an admin who was active at the time. The conversation went along the lines of: "Hey, I wanted to bring your attention to three ESP/Aim toggle hackers who are destroying the population on Hapis. I'm pasting the link to their profiles below, and I'd appreciate it if you could check it out. Thanks!" Chair, Lemen, and DerekRage were about to ruin my fun for the next two and a half months. Roughly 6 hours passed and I had still not gotten a response. I decided it was time to try to contact another admin about the situation. Once I copy and pasted my initial message to another active admin in the teamspeak, I was immediately greeted back with a response: Admin- "I'll take a look into it. But we do not appreciate the fact that you contacted multiple admins about the same people. If they were cheating, it would have been taken care of already." Me-"I don't mean to be a dick. But I have almost 3,000 hours, and I know the difference between cheating and legitimately being killed. Plus, they have been banned on Solo/Duo/Trio Bloodbane for hacking." No response At that point of time, I was already discouraged due to my base being blatantly ESP'ed into while I was offline for a few hours. I decided to play a new server. Fast forward to this week. I randomly decide to click on one of the player's YouTube channel. It's a video of them logging in, defending a raid against an active Hapis player, Haschimolto, and his group. Within 3 minutes, I immediately hear the dreadful voice that haunted me for 3 consecutive wipes in a row calling all of the shots. The voice of DerekRage. "He's behind the wall, he's out of ammo reloading. Push" "He has a rocket launcher about to open the door back away". BAM. Finally, with the screenshots of my base and this video, I decided to contact facepunch via their player support. Two days ago, I heard of another group who got raided by Derek, Chair, and Lemen. The infamous Hapis hackers who have never been caught. Over 1,000 hours on all accounts. The poor lads even contacted an admin named Sasquatch, and he said he would check the situation out since they believed they were raided by ESP. They waited for a few hours but he never showed (this is not an attack on you buddy!). This morning I have logged on, to see this beautiful sight on the Rust Hack Report Twitter page. It took over 26 reports, an average of 21 more than the usual player. But the man who terrorized me, and many others on Rustafied Hapis has been gamebanned. Please, let's get the others for obvious hacker association. -Short story about a man's 2 month encounter with hackers. Thanks Rustafied for the best 3 years of gaming in my life. Just wish there was something that could be done or changed to speed the process of banning these guys sooner. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008641509 (Derek's profile game banned) http://steamcommunity.com/id/BradleyLemen (Lemen's profile) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042580236 (Chair's profile) Rust Hack Report Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/rusthackreport?lang=en
  15. Rust PvP Montage

    @mattmocz New vid xD

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