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    Thanks heaps! Im just keen for a proper Australian barren server that wipes weekly cause Aus barren dies pretty much after the first week of wipe

    Can we please open up a Rustafied AU barren server? There is no good barren servers that wipe every week and im sick of allways having to go on the american one. Could we atleast get one before xmas?
  3. You did read the bit about the p250 and aimcone and all that right? im just trying to speak off everyones behalf no one likes the current system acept the ak. All the other guns are trash and you cant say they are good. All guns apart from the ak and bolt are pretty much useless with learnable recoil and aimcone just remove it and there will be no issues
  4. As everyone knows there have been a number of gun updates and changes. I'ts great to see helk cares about the community and is working his ass off to make learnable recoil work. Gunplay is still shit its either u make a ak or a semi rifle at this point in the game the p250 is still horrible so are all the smgs. Also i want to add something that might be the problem. Everyone needs to stop complaining about only getting a little bit of pvp and no one roaming because that was all the retards faults. Everyone complained about the p250 being OP and once it got nerfed it reduced the number of people to roaming. Some people like variety but how can u like early game gun variety if the other weapon choice is shit?. HOW TO FIX GUNPLAY 1. Remove AIMCONE all together and make all guns with horizontal recoil 2. P250 Fire rate could use a small buff so maby it wont be so useless and if everyone is going to complain about spray spamming reduce the ammo clip to 8 because it was perfect before. 3. ALL SMG WEAPONS are fucking shocking and horrible remove aimcone from all of them. Everytime i or my teamate spray the custom smg and thompson just go around the opponet 4 ALL WEAPONS are way to RNG based remove aimcone all together and you wont hear complaining about guns anny more. 5. Skill is a key factor which makes rust very unique compared to other FPS shooters original recoil was hard and people with 200 hours couldent spray u down thats how alot of people liked it. 6 PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE THE WEAPON FOV HIGHER OR MAKE THE OPTION GO HIGHER CAUSE IT IS CURRENTLY AIDS BEING THAT CLOSE TO MY SCREEN ESPEICALLY THE P250 PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS. REASON WHY RUST IS CURRENTLY "DYING" There was a time where rust dident depend on Zergs to win. XP and BP the biggest group of people i ever saw in them systems were 16-18 now days u might look over the hill and see a 38 man zerg going to raid TGB or siN or CML u get the point. Components are way to fucking easy for zergs to obtain all u need to do is make 5-10 people farm along the road for 2 hours and u pretty much have a box of all the componets. There needs to be some type of progression system apart from componets its so aids knowing people can get ak's 10 min into the wipe if they find a hazmat suit on the road. Gunplay isent in the best spot the current ak will have to do for now but everyone preffered the origional weapons and old old recoils BRADLY THE TANK Bradly is a great idea but it has encouraged zergs more then ever to camp launch site due to the fact it drops m249's and rockets/c4. The tank respawn timer should be increased or make the tank roam around the whole map every 3 hours like the heli so u can only take it down once and then it has a big cool down timer. RAIDING Since the twig update in my opinion raiding has been unbalanced and its way to easy to raid people now days THE ALL MIGHT SOLUTION TO FIXING RUST AND PUTTING IT BACK ON TRACK 1. Remove Aimcone and give weapons the old reocil 2. make p250 fire rate a tad faster and reduce ammo to 8 3. Add progression work benches or some type of xp system again 4 increase fov 5 Make bradly harder to take out and increase spawn timer 6 Make raiding harder 7 Maby make componets harder to get MSG TO YOU HELK Rust cant be what you want. Gunplay cant be what you want. Componets cant be what you want. XP was pretty good untill you had abit of a sook about it and everything got changed. No offence u are working hard but ever since you started fiddling with guns and recoil PVP has been fucking heroundous and horrible. Barely anny one roams anny more. Official servers are allways fucking dead. The servers allways die after 2 days and u have to restart on a whole new server. All im gonna say is take what i said into consideration and maby just remove reocil from every gun. If people are gonna start bitching about the p250 again reduce ammo clip to 8 bullets and increase fire rate a tad bit thank you for your time Gunplay should be like this Kind regards Neptune
  5. P250 is in a great state atm but maby abit less aimcone and a increase in the fire rate abit would be NICE and please hear me out and increase weapon FOV i find it irritating i have to deal with the p250 and ak being stuck up my screens ass if you know what i mean
  6. thats not the problem the no one likes aimcone. I asked frost and coco b on there stream they said its ass
  7. FIXING GUNPLAY IN RUST 1. Remove the aimcone completely cause its destroying guns and the playerbase 2. Add horizontal recoil to the old ak 3. Thompson needs to be fixed cause that spray is fucking atrocious 4. Custom SMG needs to be fixed cause that spray is fucking atrocious 5. P250 is in desperate need of a actual gun buff cause lowering the prices aint gonna do shit and that spray is fucking atrocious 6. Barely anny one is gonna agree on this one but revert back to the old FOV the guns felt alot more comfy in your players hands and was far away from my screen. if your not gonna consider it can u atleast increase the FOV option in the settings because the current AK and p250 FOV hurts my eyes and annoys the shit out of me cause i loved and was use to the old xp and bp FOV it felt alot better for me. What the community would like to see in rust 1. Blue prints back because it gave a purpose on staying on a server for a longer period of time and was alot more enjoyable then componets 2. New guns maby a burst fire rifle? or a early game sniper? 3. GUN SPECIFIC UPDATES What i think the community needs and wants Im gonna speak on the behalf of the rust community. We want progression. Helk said he was gonna add different tiered work benches so you cant just make a ak and metal kit 10 min into the wipe thats a really good idea! The gunplay needs to be majorly focused on aimcone is shit and needs to be removed. The big message for HELK Helk your doing a great job on breaking ur neck, your back, your balls and your crack but your not prioritising properly. One week u say ur gonna make the guns less aimconey and more long distance like how it use to be and we dont even end up getting a gun update for like 6 months. You really just need to priortise and update the community with what your wworking on cause i think it triggers alot of people. FOV please increase fov the ak and p250 is aids for my eyes please make a option to make it bigger then 89 or whatever the max is cause its aids. Annways ur doing a great job keep it up i just wanna see more gun updates and u removing the aimcone.
  8. Helk needs to listen before its to late

    I'd Remove the Aimcone to begin with. Revert the system back to BP. Buff p250 and thompson
  9. When are the devs gonna learn fixing grass and shit isent what we want. We want better gunplay and mostly blue prints back. It made people stay on servers longer and the pvp was actually good back in them days because guns actually shot and sprayed where u aimed. Not none of this aimcone bull lacka. Annyways it might just be me when i watch old xp and bp pvp videos off Cz and bchillz it makes me upset cause pvp and guns were so much more better back then and semis were actually good im talking about the p250 people.
  10. P250

    I feel like aimcone needs to be lowered the gun has more recoil then a ak and fires to slow. What do you guys think?
  11. Can we please try implement a Rustafied Barren and also a Rustafied Medium?

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