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  1. Hacks finally won

    Aaaandy I'm sorry to hear that and I know how frustrating that can be, join one of our Rustafied servers we have allot of active admins and have banned hundreds of hackers. Due to high traffic on our main server it wipes at least once a weak for the time being but our low pop server can go much longer without a wipe.
  2. Strawpoll to ban Russians.

    I do not support this idea, I don't think that would be fair, also they would only have to use a proxy to get an American ip
  3. Sleeping Bags

    Things will become more balanced as time goes on, this game has come a long way and is getting better by the week, hang onto your hats and get the experience you need for when things are balanced.
  4. Should Blueprints Be Wiped?

    There are still allot of blueprints I have yet to find but I think I'm with ya DOA
  5. Game Crash

    Yes I have the same problem, it seems to happen when you get into a melee fight, then suddenly a loud slash sound plays and the game crashes
  6. Grug that's the most beautiful avatar I've ever seen

  7. Building Discussion

    I think there needs to be a sledge hammer added, used as a deadly melee weapon or raiding tool
  8. Building Discussion

    I agree with there being way to many big bases, and once player weight is implemented, I think it will take longer to build these giant fps killers.
  9. Graphical Glitch: Grid Behind Door

    I've never seen this glitch before, I liked your video and I'll subscribe.
  10. Bug, Can't Take Any Wood/stone

    They don't work 24/7 and I'm sure it took some time to find the problem
  11. Should Blueprints Be Wiped?

    For me the funnest part is running around with a bow and spear hunting other players looking for loot, I can craft the AK but rarely use it, so a regular bp wipe is fine with me
  12. Map Size

    I belive Map size increase will come when performance is up
  13. Low Fps

    I've read Garry is switching to a Raknet which should boost performance, hopefully in this next update.
  14. Respawn Rates On Rad Towns

    @sado well that makes sense as the days are 1 hour long being 45 minutes of daylight and 15 minutes of night time equaling two rad town respawns at 30 minutes apart per day

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