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  1. Never Got Unbanned.

    You'll get a better/quicker response if you submit this issue through the support ticket system, here: http://www.rustaforum.com/support/
  2. Anyone else quitting Rust due to the level of hacking?

    I am not a developer, but from my understanding this is one of the flaws with the Unity engine. So much of the data is given to the client. I do agree hackers are ruining the game and they're a real problem, but this has always been in the history of Rust. New forms of detection are released and thousands of these hackers are discovered and banned in waves. The facepunch staff & EAC are working hard to mitigate all these hackers, but there will always be some hackers. Let's hope as Rust comes close to Beta we'll see a better detection system & accuracy, because right now finding hackers are heavily reliant on mods/admins on the server you're playing on unfortunately. If you ever find a hacker you can submit your report here: http://www.rustaforum.com/support.

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