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  1. Rustafied Community Event Update

    omg lol this is hilarious XD
  2. hacker rustafied EU medium II [ESP]

  3. Interesting idea honestly, youre on to something here. However this definitely strays from "rust-type'' gameplay
  4. Just a small survey for rust players

    Went ahead and filled this out, good luck!
  5. And April's winner is...

    This is actually so cool, great work
  6. My first Rust Montage

    Good gameplay overall, would like to see less combat tags and more actual gameplay. Also music drowns out the game sounds a little too much. Good work
  7. Rust PvP Montage

    Great gameplay, music was good but too loud. Cuts were good, very rare to see someone actually close range bolting so that was cool to see. Good work.

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