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  1. I'll be able to chip in in the afternoon and event time.
  2. Calling all Rustafarians to the guide Team. It has come to Bugs and my attention that the website is in need of a team to help update and maintain the guides present on rustafied.com. We are looking for people that would be able to meet this Sunday for the initial guide Team meeting and solidify a series of goals that will make the rustafied.com guides The Number One Stop for information and updates. Meeting at 3 pm EST on Sunday the 18th. Please post below if you can make it and want to be involved. But also post below if you can't and we will record the session and make sure we can run with this. Again we cannot stress the importance of these guides enough and being able to provide succinct and valuable information to the masses as the first Community based Official server for Rust. Fuck Yeah
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