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  1. Rust Ufo Sighting

    Lol, good stuff.
  2. If you are interested in Reign of Kings and seeing what the fuss is about check out this post Rustafied has there own server available right now to play on with active admins.

    1. AnotherRustPlayer


      No thanks maybe in a month or 2. hackers can already control ROK servers as if they were admins. I was on a ROK server yesterday where an aimbot company was advertising their new rok hacks and other aimbots by 1st giving everyone on the server a full inventory of geart(wipingout what they had previsouly) then clearign everyone inventory on the server and changing day to night several times. the admin shows up and bans the guy but says the banlist resets on restarts and suddenly none of the mo...

    2. MrMackeyMKayyy


      We will be switching to white-list for our server shortly, so that will not be a huge issue.

  3. Thinking about getting back into the streaming scene starting next month. Have my custom Twitch stream site open for an audience landing spot and really digging it thanks to a good friend of mine that developed it. Give my site a look, pretty cool beans. URL is subject to change once I decide on a good .tv domain extension. http://www.saagaming.com

    1. Jithvan


      Awesome man! We hope to watch your streams in the near future!

  4. This is what happens when I get random friend requests -_-http://gyazo.com/f281a7651970fe0dce521afed402e1de

    1. DOA


      if you have any decent steam inventory item you will get a lot of these weirdos

  5. When Will The Inventory System Change?

    I would be extremely surprised if they didn't change it. It's most likely still a placeholder until they get everything else sorted and then they will tune it to fit the rest of the game.
  6. Buildings

    Cool beans man! I believe that we are running the same seed on the main build server as the dev, you should check out the thread which has the seed map and tell the coordinates of it if you'd like for people to meet there. Beware though :p
  7. New Cost For Furance

    I am a fan for everything to take more effort, time, and resources to make. I feel like a lot of people have become accustomed to being able to getting everything fairly quickly, and after playing Life is Feudal: YO months back, I've respected the games that require more effort for getting what you want.   Answer to your question, I don't believe it is at all. Seems fair for me.
  8. Salvage Hammer?

    I've picked one up in a barrel before, no blueprint though.
  9. Lets Talk About Wipes

  10. fucailitaes - a new word created by Bill! It's meaning, unknown.

  11. Lets Talk About Wipes

    I like the idea of having five day wipes in the current state of the game. The server fills up quite a bit in terms real estate and as a new player joining the server it could be a bit of a turn off.
  12. In What Direction Do You Want The Radtowns To Progress?

    I am with Bugs, the rad animals would be a great addition and have them usually live in the buildings/outside area surrounding the towns.
  13. Rad Town Teaser Screen.

    Oh mah ghod.
  14. Oxide Map Generator Released Yesterday

    This would be a cool think to have for sure, I'm down.
  15. Most Raid Resistant Base Designs?

    I like to have a 3x3 with the only way up in the center with it being protected, then on the second floor make it to where the only way to the third floor is to place a half block or a couple on a raised third floor to make it completely un-raidable legitemately unless people just take out the foundations, but seriously ain't nobody got time fo dat Also, having overhangs I find to be very effective to jump down where the raiders might be trying to access the building from.Also just have a chest with a load of salvaged hammers in it next to a bag up there and jump down and attack them repeatedly, very effective since hammers will tear through armor if you hit the right spot.

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