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  1. Coliseum PvP - Rustafied Main

    This event was a shinning success, we had so many players there at the coliseum interacting and organizing. The staff participation was phenominal. We are going to continue forward and continue to refine these experiences for our players. Thank you to all that attended, Siamko (your friendly Rustafied Cruise line Community Event Coordiantor =p)
  2. Coliseum PvP - Rustafied Main

    The Rustafied Coliseum is a bloody good time. Each round is a free for all PvP event where the last player standing wins fantastic prizes. The events are entertaining, exciting, and allow the community a chance to interact and compete. If you haven't met any of our staff, come this Friday and watch as our staff organizes a great community event. Construction of the Coliseum - 12:00pm CST (noon) Roles Foreman: Siamko Laborer: Grimmthistle Laborer: Chiefo Laborer: PVP Event - 9:30pm CST Full Mod Roles *Coliseum Master: Siamko *Prize Admin: *Weapon Admin:Bugs *Security Admin: Chiefo Full Mod / Intern / Crew *Juke Box: Camera 1: Camera 2: Camera 3: *all required positions must be filled, or event will be postponed.

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