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  1. But I still have a deep doubt, why I did not cheat but still get banned?

  2. Respect the administrator could you spare a little time to review the convenient side into the game I do not need to line up

  3. Дибил а не модератор.Не разу не играл на  ваших серверах и бан.Заебись


  4. далбаёб


  5. I am wronged. My friend's account is banned, and I am also banned. Can you give us a chance? We didn't mean to break the rules.

    Can you handle the case, thank you. and Thank you for your hard work.

  6. Got my ban appeal under 1 hour.... great job 


  7. I sent in an appeal a ban and it said to wait till august 1st to send in the next one and I was wondering if could take a look at it. I got banned on a trio server. 76561199132430022

    1. gazu


      excuse me how do i get un banned im a baby 

  8. Hello!!! Please, can you explain me why you banned me and 2 my friends on server Rustafied.com EU Trio?
    We didn't break the rules and played three of us. There are still open doors in the house. Please respond as soon as possible and resolve the issue

    1. CCu




  9.  banned from sea main,but i formed a team with a stranger in the game,but i didn't know he was a cheater. Please help me lift the ban.steamid:76561199069645990



    Dear moderators,

               HELLOW,I was kicked off the server in EU Trio II for overcrowding,but i joined my team in the game.I don't know anything about their overcrowwding. I hope u could help me lift the ban.

               my steam id:76561199162147828

               thank you 


  11. Dear moderators,

              Hi,I have been banned from EU MAIN 's server.I don't know why. I guarantee that my teammates and i are normal players.I hope the moderator can help me to remove the ban.

               Thank you very much,wish you a happy life.

    My team Steam ID:




  12. Hi I have been banned because I played with my friends at the beginning of a wipe and then I leave them to run on another server and then I have been banned for trio when I was not playing. I do not know why because my friends had cleared TC and removed my sleeping bag and kicked me from their team
  13. hello we talked to you about ban i explained the situation ban should have been removed but i can't enter there is ban

  14. 杰奇恩 · 吉恩 · 吉恩英威·德德·德德·德德·德

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