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About Me

I enjoy modding and interacting with the members of the Rustafied community.

Unfortunately most of it is during troubling times when players are banned.

We'll get along nicely if you follow a few basic rules:

1.  Show me the proper respect.  I do hold your ban in the palm of my hand, so to speak ;)

Rudeness will not win your battle.  Respect given will be returned in kind.

2.  Be honest with me.  Honesty, even though it may not lessen your ban, will make me work that much harder for you and I will be more likely to fight for you.  Lie to me and it's game over!

3.  Don't cheat, or try to evade your ban if you get one.  I will find you!

4.  There is no 4

5.  Have fun.  It's a game, treat it as such.  They're just pixels after all ;)  If you can't enjoy playing then find a game you can enjoy.  Rust isn't for everyone.  As with any game, the more you play the better you'll get.

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