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  1. It boggles my mind how much disrespect is shown to administrators on servers that you WANT to play on.  You want us to help you, yet you treat us like the filth you scrape off your shoes after walking through a manure pile.

    We love helping the members of our community.  What you must understand is that we are very busy.  Yours is not the only support ticket, player report, or problem going on.  There are others having the same sorts of problems who contacted us the correct way and have been waiting patiently in line for their problem to be solved in turn.

    We are a volunteer organization.  We don't have to do this, we want to do this.

    If it is too much trouble for you to show us the proper respect, then don't bother contacting us.

    Respect given is respect returned.  Disrespect given is us ignoring you. 

    Don't get me wrong.  We WANT to help you.  We understand that what you are going through is frustrating.  Take it from our perspective, however, and understand that there are a lot of others going through similar things.  Take a step back, take a deep breath, relax, and let's get this problem taken care of in a cool and collected manor.  





  2. Umeret v'ogne

    1. Dar_Rustafied


      Probably.  Enjoy your forum ban as well now.

  3. check my ticket plz


  4. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I do NOT handle ban appeals here.  You must submit an appeal at https://forum.rustafied.com/support

    All ban appeals here will be ignored and deleted.

    If you are having trouble logging into the forum or website at ANY time in the future, please contact us as soon as possible on our discord server so that we may check into the problem and get it corrected.

  5. hi

    1. BelikaH


      что если меня забанили за то что я играл с читером но я не знал что он читер (только потом он признался когда я добавилего в дискорд)

    2. Dar_Rustafied


      You will need to submit an appeal at https://forum.rustafied.com/support

      You may get unbanned after a short ban duration provided you do not try to evade your ban on another account.

  6. Hello everyone,

    Welcome to Rustafied forums.  I hope you all are having a good time and enjoying our servers.

    If you have a ban issue, please submit a ticket at https://forum.rustafied.com/support

    I do not handle ban appeals here.  If you just want to say hello please do so.  Hello ;)

    Also, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.  You can also join our discord and askamod there.

    Cheers, and have a great day!


            嗨,我被禁止进入EU MAIN的服务器。我不知道为什么。我保证我和我的一周都是普通玩家,希望版主能帮我解禁。



  8. 尊敬的版主,

              嗨,我被禁止进入 EU MAIN 的服务器。我不知道为什么。我保证我和我的队友都是普通玩家,希望版主能帮我解禁。



  9. 尊敬的版主,

              嗨,我被禁止进入  美国的服务器。我不知道为什么。我保证我和我的队友都是普通玩家,希望版主能帮我解禁。


  10. I don't know why it was sealed. I can't get in, Meifu. I didn't see any other clothes. Please help me. I don't think I cheated. Teammate, I don't know for the time being.

    1. 怪兽若尘



                嗨,我被禁止进入 EU MAIN 的服务器。我不知道为什么。我保证我和我的队友都是普通玩家,希望版主能帮我解禁。


  11. Dear moderators,

               HELLOW,I was kicked off the server in EU Trio II for overcrowding,but i joined my team in the game.I don't know anything about their overcrowwding. I hope u could help me lift the ban.

               my steam id:76561199162147828

               thank you 


    1. Dar_Rustafied


      Submit a ticket here https://forum.rustafied.com/support and your ban will be reviewed.

  12. Dear moderators,

              Hi,I have been banned from EU MAIN 's server.I don't know why. I guarantee that my teammates and i are normal players.I hope the moderator can help me to remove the ban.

               Thank you very much,wish you a happy life.

    My team Steam ID:




    1. Dar_Rustafied


      You'll have to submit ban appeals here https://forum.rustafied.com/support

  13. Hello, you answered my ticket, and you said that if that newbie has a ban forever on rustafied servers, then I can submit a ticket for unblocking, but how can I find out what a newbie has banned?

    1. Dar_Rustafied


      I'm not sure I understand your question.  If you have a ban needing appealed you may do it here:  https://forum.rustafied.com/support


  14. modérateur vraiment limite aucun logique dans sont jugement pour un ban trio alors que nous sommes trois et la personne avec qui j ai commencer a leave et du coup oublier de clear tc 

    vraiment déçu de votre façon de gérer les problèmes

    1. Dar_Rustafied
    2. Dar_Rustafied


      The fault is your own.  There are no substitutions allowed on our Trio servers, which means the 3 players that start the wipe are the 3 players who end the wipe.

      You CANNOT switch out members mid wipe.

  15. Спасибо за помощь!♥

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