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  1. Hello, thank you for help. Rustafied support is amazing.

  2. This is the only account I own. What should I do?

  3. Dar
      For novice players, how do you need to check if the person you are playing with is a hacker? It is your responsibility and obligation, not mine. Can't players build friendship or play together? Okay. So where did I go wrong? I was wrong because I couldn't detect if the other party was a hacker? How can I detect if there are other hacking programs in the other party’s computer? It’s impossible. I don’t have any technology.

    1. grizzleyx


      i dont know what to do is there anyway my ban could get lifted?

    2. Dar_Rustafied


      Look, it's simple really.  You can play with friends in real life, or you can find friends on the internet to play with.  Look at their steam profiles to make sure they don't have any VAC or GAME bans on record.  If they do, it's a good indication that they will cheat again.  Have nothing to do with them.

      If they don't, take a chance and play with them.  However, if you notice that they are very good at the game and don't have a lot of hours in the game perhaps that should clue you in that they might be using some kind of cheat or hack.  If they do, get out and get out fast.  Leave the team, de-auth on all door codes and TC, and run away quickly.  It also helps to report them.

      Bottom line is, it IS YOUR responsibility to check them out.  All we do is try to keep them off of our servers, as well as those who play with them.  The good news is that after your punishment period is over you may come back, whereas they cannot.

    3. c20366913


      Ok thanks
      I apologize to you for my reckless behavior

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