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  1. Hey Boss, if your looking to get him banned I would suggest you make a Support request found under the support column. Rustafied obviously has a zero racism policy, however next time I would suggest you not be offended by the idiot kids that play this game.
  2. After a long wait LemonVille will be returning to Rustafied main on 4/12/18. If interesting on joining us you can find the discord in our clan descriptions, just hop in and let us know if you can come. This is the first time back in months so we are taking things easy while having fun, trying to get back into the groove. Dont know where we stand yet on alliances / friends but hopefully we can make many. Thanks, Lemons
  3. The Day has come we are back! Join discord.
  4. Obviously this is a while ago from today (1/16/2018), but stick around. My group is currently on another server for the time being if interested contact me. Otherwise we will be back on rustafied better then ever.
  5. It was about time that the devs added something significant to solo players / small groups. Large clans now have to put in more of an effort to keep their large compounds, however what if a solo can set up a large compound? If you are a dedicated player it wont be hard to get a 70+ block by yourself and it will be just as hard as a clan to prevent decay. Places like DOAs bar are going to be harder to set up and keep around for the enjoyment of nakeds. This definatly will hurt role play which is a large part of this game.
  6. Welp its been A good one. You only won because you gave goodies to infamy, to bad I declined to pay them off. See you in 3 months im coming back to wipe you out.
  7. Dear all, mistakes were made following the charitable rust event and now I happen to be banned for three months. If you are still looking to play hop in the discord, Chuboli is taking charge of the group and will play on US Main. Have a Merry Christmas and dont shoot rockets at a charity talent show. Sincerely, Lemons
  8. Winter is approaching my friends, and storm come with it. We are now at war with enemy parties that wish to end our rule on rustafied. Mercy will not be shown and lives will be taken, we need all the help we can get.
  9. 4lemons


    A war is approaching.
  10. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come. And now it begins.
  11. Village Time baby
  12. Lemonville will be happening all through December, and charitable rust.
  13. 4lemons


    Check in on discord we might be doing something
  14. 4lemons


    Nope, no lemonville this wipe
  15. Lemonville will not be happening

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