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  1. I did not get VAC or Game banned on other account. so u evasion banned me

    Can u show me which one i got banned ?

    I never thought this would happen to me

    can u help me for the recheck ?

  2. I have a very big problem for me, and no one thought to help me. I feel that I am unfair.


    Would you please go check the server what I am doing wrong?

    I feel so bad and sad.

    I think I haven't had a bad chat.

    Since I know this game, I've been on this server all the time, I never thought this would happen to me. Would you please check for me? Where did I go wrong or what I chatting wrong? I am very sad now.

    I have never spam chats or typed anything that is bad or cursing other people. How did that happen to me?

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