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  1. Can't find the servers!

    that's not how it works. Rustafied are not the devs. This game breaking exploit is across all servers everywhere. ALL rustafied servers are down. all Rustafied servers have zero population. THE LIGHTS ARE SHUT THE FUCK DOWN hire me as your anger translator, xp.
  2. Can't find the servers!

    oh fuckin el mate
  3. Exploits - Bannable Reason?

    bring back half block
  4. What Is Going On With The Bans?

    oh right on! glad to hear.
  5. I was looking through the public ban list today, (as i do every few days) I noticed a drastic influx of people being gamebanned/ban evasion from the 9th on. Like, an ass ton. Is there something that Rustafied is doing different with the ban policy? Did a new type of cheat detection just come out ? I was wondering because, I haven't played rust in quite some time. I stopped playing because the hacker situation was getting out of control. Not just on Rustafied, but just Rust in general. I may hop back on the saddle if hackers aren't a big of a problem as they were a few months back.
  6. Is this customs?

    Do you feel that anger and hate inside of you? Good. Use that to knock down those fucking walls!
  7. My First Rust Highlight Reel!

    oh damn.I posted this here and completely forgot about it. thank for the props! song here.

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