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  1. anyway we can get you in a discord chat plz


  2. Thx! u answered my ticket soo fast! ur awesome! Have a great day!!

  3. Thank you for banning malodom! Glad I could help. 

  4. Hey i thought you said i was unbanned. whats going on?


  5. 今天,我刚刚被管理员解除了登机禁令。我进入你的服务器有一段时间了。服务器重新启动后,我发现我被禁止再次进入您的服务器!为什么?我做了什么让你如此反对我, 请尽快给我一个答复, 然后解除我的禁令, 谢谢

  6. allo mate, could you please get back to me about ticket number #152577

    Interested in the final outcome.

    Cheers mate, chuck a shrimp on the barbie ay

  7. ok me sure me big miss when unban rustfied server??


  8. Replied to a ticket of a Hacker and his Teammates (for association) getting banned and they are still playing on the same Account to this day.
    The hacking teammate got officially banned by Facepunch. 
    They all raided Foundations with stashes below them, so it is obvious, that they were all in on his mate using ESP. Still not getting banned, that's really crazy! Especially on Rustafied, here a Screenshot of his reply


  9. Tropic, can you please re view my submitted ticket. You closed it, but there has been no actions taken for it. The guys I reported are still playing, and their 3rd guy already got gamebanned, why don't you ban the other ones, or get them atleast banned for accosiocation, I put some time in my report aswell and it feels like you just ditched it and didnt give 2 shits.


  10. Hello,

    Sorry to come in private message like this, but i realy need help before the wipe in few hours, I got banned few days ago for trio violation but it was a misstake from the system because I was online raiding.

    Find bellow the TICKETs. I create a new one but I think when moderators will see it the server will be already wiped ..

    Help me please,

    Best regards



  11. Tropic plz help. Plz unbanned me . I wanted to buy a VIP but there are none

    1. Kamikadzos


      im good player 30 old. Y can check it

    2. Kamikadzos


      I don't know English very well so it's very hard to talk to you

  12. Thank you very much!



  13. A могу ли я как то сейчас обжаловать запрет.У нас в команде не чего такого не было и как вам это доказать?


    hi could you check my vip payment? in the trio? att: jrust99

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