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  1. Good to hear! Seems however to have nothing to do with server population aswell as earlier with 30 odd people online it was doing it a heck of alot.
  2. Lots of people on eu long are getting stuck while trying to move around and it is now happening alot. Clearly there is a server problem or something going wrong.
  3. So alot of people have been banned recently because of hacking or scripting which is great ! a cleaner fairer rust is a good thing! However on popular server's there are still people running about shooting people at 200+ m with perfect accuracy killing multiple people like they were 10 m infront of them spraying like mad but all the bullets hit one spot. Now clearly that isnt possible anyone due to the changes on weapons but they do it regardless. So are rustafied servers still be actively monitored or has that now stopped due to facepunch's now slightly better cheat detection? Also there was alot of people banned from clans and groups who still actively play and benefited from the hackers in there group (arguable if they knew or not from a case to case basis) which caused people to leave the server's and raid people off early and generally make each server worse, however they have faced no punishment ? There are groups that had multiple clan mates banned which have literally built there base on stolen gear/farm they got from people unfairly and i find it rather shocking that there has been no announcement about how these people will be punished or anything, those people banned could even be back on the server right now. (new ip/steam/windows and you would never find out unless they changed there name and made it obvious as hell)
  4. Welcome to Rustafied. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


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