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  1. Today is one of my worst day .... I have been banned from my favorite server where I played for more than one year with my cuban elite team ... the reason for the ban? I download a program from one page to enter the rust and the banning of eac me servidores..this happened already more than five months ago, my account with over 1300 hours played was destroyed, I really wanted morir..pasado time I decide to buy the rust and start from scratch doing the right things and always play with my team and enjoy this wonderful game .... meeting the boys and decided to play on our server rustafied.com favorite for us and for many the best server Rust ... today for no reason and dirigo been banned me talk to an admin and his answer was: you have a ban eac .... so simple I was banned from my favorite server without getting at least a chance ... .I do not want to waste the time to admins, I would like q will give me an opportunity and nondiscrimination by mistake ,,'ve all made mistakes and so we should not be scarred for life .... greetings carefully gdz t ..... ahhh sorry for my English is very bad but I wanted to send you a message ..

    1. DOA


      if the "program" you downloaded was a hack in any way I don't understand why you are confused on why you were banned.

    2. gdz


      I just want to play on a server where I have always played and not be discriminated against for making a mistake ... everyone is entitled to step back and make things right .. just need a little pat on the back ... ty DOA. for reading my message


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