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  1. Share Your Base Builds

    All my bases were built to be ADA compliment...
  2. I think I made a black hole...

    WTF Baezil
  3. Town

    I used to offer my self up as a slave. Soon after I was situated there would be a slave uprising. Its a legitimate tactic.
  4. Logo Imagery Concepts

    Grimm - You have kept this discussion going and you continue to refine a solid concept! Collaboration is key to all of this and you have been pushing it nonstop - Thank You Gabriel - Good to have you on the server and its awesome you would like to be part of the community in a larger way. You took the previous concepts and tweaked them in a way that has a lot of potential - I'd like to talk further with you regarding possibilities here! Its good to see this continue to evolve
  5. Logo Imagery Concepts

    NICE concept sheet - Quick video with that light house concept Here
  6. Acoustic Rust: RUSTAFIED Concert w/ Poon Galore

    Right Holly? I completely agree. It was explosive even.
  7. Looking For Talent - Rustafied Twitch Time Slots

  8. Acoustic Rust: RUSTAFIED Concert w/ Poon Galore

    Hell of a concert
  9. The Fix Of Horizonal Built.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about there GaD.
  10. Rustafied has some exciting things lined up in the near future

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jithvan


      For some reason i couldn't delete my comment to change it to exciting, my mind swiched off there for a bit xD

    3. SourceDogma


      Ah, figured you just wanted the definition of interesting ;)

    4. Comp_uter15776


      Ooh, I wonder what? :D

  11. 50 Shades Of Rust

    AHH, That was good
  12. Logo Imagery Concepts

    That's some damn nice artwork there Grimm - Here is what i was thinking, along the lines of "On the Pulse of Rust" Something of this nature
  13. Walling Off Radtown

    Having a presence is great, KOS those that approach all day long, but as the game stands I very discourage a complete walling of rad towns. These are landmarks with an incomplete defensive mechanic - at the heart of it they provide a gathering point for the server.
  14. Fastdonkeynads Legend Continues

    Rustergrovie has put together another masterpiece

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