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  1. I'm sure if any of you have tried to log into the low pop North America server (that's on a monthly wipe) have noticed you were put into a queue with like 50+ people ahead of you. I have had my queue going for about 8 hours now and have only moved up to 36th in line. I greatly feel that if they were to add one more low pop (monthly wipe) server it would greatly decrease this queue. I would be willing to pay to help get another one up, and I feel a lot of you too would pay/ more money from vip passes for the team! love this game, but this is the 3rd day since the wipe that I haven't even been able to get on.
  2. @Bubba it's just frustrating cuz it sucks having to start out at a disadvantage onky because I can't get in the game. I really hope people weed out.

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