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  1. he told me that my ban moderator would help but he dident even need to like it already tokk like 10 hours and he just said ill eventually get help

  2. very bad support he can't understand he just want do what is inside his mind even if he wrong so bad really ... and he is unjust really i hope you be in same situation in the life and you will feel what i feel about you now .. @Twig

  3. thank you twig


  4. wat?

    Banned for free, closed my task without understanding true problem.
    Banned for trio violation, because somebody guessed my weak codes. So they decided that there were 4th person... Decided it's my fault and ban is ok lol...
    leonardo dicaprio bravo GIF

    1. MR Dali

      MR Dali

      what that means unabn me im legit and i ididnt anything and i didnt break any rule



    2. MR Dali

      MR Dali

      first we didnt guessed codes he trusted my friend an gave him codes and my friend told me the code and when they went for roam i did my job thats all mate 

      so plz unban me cauz thats the reason


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