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  1. Banned For No Reason

    The banning admin has the exclusive power to reverse the ban and that sounds like that you have already tried so I am sorry to say that you are no longer welcome on the Rustafied servers. I can assure you that admins take their time (in most cases too much time) investigating players before they pull the trigger and place the ban.
  2. cocheez how is my ban apeeal going i applyed it 2 weeks ago and havnot heard annything 

    did you guys get it or not? since its whipe day to day i realy wanne get back on rustafied 


  3. Thank you for your support helping us track down hackers. The proper way to report a hacker is to use the ticket system under the support tab at the top of the forums.
  4. So why the wipe?

    We were alerted by players that reloading, crafting and building were all bugged on the instance so we tried to reboot that instance several times without success. I assure you that we exhausted all available options before having to wipe.
  5. Faction Forums

    They were broken by the update to the new version of the forums. We are hoping they will update the module so we can get it working again.
  6. How created Rust dev branch server

    There is a guide on the website that explains how to install and setup your own Rust server which also goes over hosting a Dev branch server. http://www.rustafied.com/rust-experimental-guides/#/how-to-host-your-own-rust-server/
  7. Sign Armor?

    Signs are destroyable with just 16 hits from a hatchet.
  8. Logo Imagery Concepts

    Spent just a few mins making some rough draft adjustments to Grim's ideas. I wanted to add something in the background and bring some more color into the logo. This is a very crude depiction of the idea but wanted to throw it out there and see what stuck. '>
  9. Funny Moments In Rust: This Is My Fire!

    I like your style Phaedo
  10. Wipe Regularity

    This 150k entities issue will hopefully be over soon and we get back to not having to wipe so often. I understand what you are saying but please understand that we only want to wipe when we have to rather than on a schedule. We have talked about it before and came to the conclusion that only wiping when we need to is our best option. That may change down the road with the progression of the game and or the community pushes for a change.
  11. 3D Map Of The Seed

    That looks pretty cool. Now if we can just get the landmarks to show up automatically we would be in business.
  12. Bug, Can't Take Any Wood/stone

    Is this on the dev or main server?
  13. Night Time And Monitor Settings

    I agree with Duncan about not changing your Gama. There is nothing competitive when you have an advantage other players don't. If the game was intended so that you could see in the night better it would of been designed that way. For now I hide in my house and craft Gun Powder during the night.
  14. Disappointing

    I think you will continue to see more restrictions in how much you can carry when they add weight limits. The reasoning for this is that players are building massive homes which lag the server just because they can. Continued efforts to try and limit players from building these types of homes will no doubt continue.

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