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  1. Reminding you and others of my ticket. :)

  2. Hi dragon please get back to me about the VIP

  3. I want an additional slot please help me

  4. Can I find out why I'm banned even though I don't use anything

  5. Hello Dragoon

    How long does it take for my ticket to be read by my banning moderator?

  6. 您好,请问我为什么不可以进入服务器,我没开黑科技,我只是新收了一个队友,然后就不能进服务器了。我是无辜的,请放过我。谢谢下面是我的ID76561198283048411

  7. hi, me and my T mate (-1) were banned for 2 weeks- till 2 nd of december. its wipe soon and we would like to join server on wipe day. can you please unban us 2 days earlier  :)) ?  like today or tomorrow?  (VIRUS-T and -1 oure necknames)

  8. I was in the same team with the CAGRI T 


    Hello again, you asked me to file an appeal against a ban on a trio server here 

    November 4th or later

  10. Thnak you Dragoon_Rustafied


  11. 我已被服务器禁止。我被禁止玩了 5000 个小时。你能解开我的禁令吗?


  12. Please check my ticket. I was having fun.

  13. I was in the same team with the piyancı

    1. 「SoonKeyF」



      please help,Can you correct this misunderstanding

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