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  1. takım arkadasımın banını kaldırdı benimkini kaldırmadı bahanesi de daha önce ban yemem eeet daha önce hak ettik ama bu sefer bizim hiç bir sucumuz yoktu trio yasagını delmedik 

  2. My teammates attacked the players with night vision devices at night, and then all of us were ban. Rust prohibits night vision devices from attacking players at night?

  3. please help me

  4. I will wait when there will be low online moderators and throw off what you do. With ordinary people!

  5. Thx for the quick help :)

  6. Dragoon_Rustafied is NOT GOOD MAN

    I BUY VIP 5 times 。

    home raidding. 

    I send too much massang to him,

    him doesn't anything.

    I pay money 5 timis.

    but just now don't coming any answer for vip.

    i play rust 1100+hours.

  7. hi dragon please can you come back about vip ID?
  8. Hello Sir, I am prohibited from using the US Trio server. I was banned while sleeping offline. The reason is that my teammate is poisonous and violates the rules of the game. As a result, I was also banned. I have deleted him. I like this server and don't want to lose this server. I hope the administrator can give me a chance to lift the ban.


    1. Gold369



  9. Reminding you and others of my ticket. :)

  10. Hi dragon please get back to me about the VIP

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