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  1. Why do I have an outstanding balance? even though I haven't ordered yet

  2. Would you please tell me why my VIP show payment successfully into the game also need to line up is because of what

    1. Gun god

      Gun god

      Respected administrator hello to account but my this VIP show please into the game also need to line up is what reason could you spare a little time help me troubleshoot thank you

  3. 你好,请问我的VIP怎么还没有好?


  4. 我可以问我为什么被禁止吗

  5. (Rustafied.com - ЕС Средний) можете перезапустить сервер а то лагает пинг норм

  6. Yo i just answerd your mail plzz respond asap, since its still early wipe and i want my vip to work!

  7. please fix vip I took a picture of my ID and credit card and uploaded it

    1. josh 6969

      josh 6969

      Lmaooo you waited on yours so long you came here too? shitty support🧂

  8. Dear administrator, I didn't deliberately violate the triple rule. There are only two teammates, When I was playing today, I accidentally pulled a passer-by into the team and was ban. I was really careless and didn't deliberately violate the rules. Dear administrator, I hope to help me solve it. I really like this game, play it seriously and abide by the rules

  9.  banned from sea main,but i formed a team with a stranger in the game,but i didn't know he was a cheater. Please help me lift the ban.steamid:76561199069645990


  10. Dear moderators,

              Hi,I have been banned from EU MAIN 's server.I don't know why. I guarantee that my teammates and i are normal players.I hope the moderator can help me to remove the ban.

               Thank you very much,wish you a happy life.

    My team Steam ID:




  11. can u unban me pls?


  12. can u please unban me?

  13. Waiting for the administrators to respond!!!

  14. Can you please unban me 


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