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  1. 寻求帮助 

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  3. please help me

  4. Hello management, thank you for your trust, thank you again!!!           ;)

  5. So far, no one has answered me

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      I'm sorry, but I'm moving recently,I can't get back to you in time,I'm very sorry,As for my game being banned, I have no idea why I was banned. My friend introduced me to play this game, and I didn't use hackers. I am just an ordinary player, so why was my game banned?,I hope you can help me lift the ban of the game. Thank you very much

  6. Re: ban
    Hello ppkGG
    As stated on your previous ticket.

    You were banned for evading your previous ban on another account. We do not allow players who have been banned from our servers to rejoin on alternate accounts. You will have to appeal your original ban and successfully have it lifted in order for your evasion ban(s) to be lifted.


    Regarding my previous ban, i was innocently banned due to looting the leftovers of the loot left behind by a hacker. At that point of time, i was completely new to the game and was unaware that the other player was a hacker. By no means am i associated with that hacker. Initially i was told that my first account ban would be lifted after 3 months so i did not pay much attention to it, but it has been more than a year and that account ban has still not been lifted.
    It would be great if you guys could lift the ban of both my accounts since i was previously banned innocently. The steam username of my first account is langji and the steam username of my second account is @@.
    It would be nice if i could get a response ASAP =)

    Yours sincerely

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