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  1. allo mate, could you please get back to me about ticket number #152577 Interested in the final outcome. Cheers mate, chuck a shrimp on the barbie ay
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  2. Can I find out why I'm banned even though I don't use anything
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  3. another hacker on us main https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198825074750/
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  4. 您好,请问我为什么不可以进入服务器,我没开黑科技,我只是新收了一个队友,然后就不能进服务器了。我是无辜的,请放过我。谢谢下面是我的ID76561198283048411
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  5. he told me that my ban moderator would help but he dident even need to like it already tokk like 10 hours and he just said ill eventually get help
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  6. ok me sure me big miss when unban rustfied server??
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  7. I am a banned player, my ban date has come, please unblock. I will stay away from cheating players in the future. . I am very fond of corrupting this game, and request to unseal it.
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