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On The Pulse of Rust

US Servers

Discussion about our US servers goes here.


Main Server

453 posts

The original Rustafied server; a classic blend of 350 slots with a tablespoon of vanilla gameplay!

Low Pop Server

434 posts

The Low Pop Server focuses on less frequent wipes and a more sparse population, allowing greater longevity each seed.

Small Server

62 posts

Main too large? Low Pop still too big? We have the server for you! Small is a 3k map just perfect for CQB.

Medium Server

263 posts

200 players, 2 week wipes - however you choose to play, it's hectic!

200 players, 2 week wipes - however you choose to play, it's hectic!

Hapis Server

80 posts

Hapis is the legacy inspired map which is not procedurally generated and brings a nostalgic twist to the new version of Rust.

Savas Server

19 posts

Savas is a brutal PvP oriented map in a confined areas with limited building privileges! Fight to the death!

Barren Server

27 posts

Barren does exactly what it says on the tin. No optional extras like grass! Revel in the increased FPS.

Staging Server

93 posts

The Staging Server is where Rustafied keeps up to date on the latest changes to Rust as we know it.

Normal Savas removes the KOTH element and gives you back building privileges. Fight to the death!

Odd Server

18 posts

225 players, weekly wipes, but on a 5K map that wipes on Mondays rather than Thursdays! Very Odd!

Long Server

24 posts

Medium size but a longer cycle to get the most out of Rust!


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