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On The Pulse of Rust

  • How do I cancel my VIP renewals?

    You can cancel renewals for your VIP renewals at any time by following these steps:

    (Remember to be signed into the correct forum account to view your purchases.)

    For credit card purchases:

    For PayPal purchases:

    • Go to Billing Agreements (or use the VIP Hub dropdown)
    • Click "View Details" on the billing agreement(s) you wish to cancel
    • Ensure the billing agreement matches with the correct VIP you wish to cancel
    • On the top right, hit the "Cancel" button
    • Now that the Billing Agreement has been canceled, you may follow the instructions below for canceling the renewals with us.
    • Go to manage purchases
    • Click on your VIP slot purchase (or on the manage button on the right)
    • Look for the "cancel renewals" link on the left under the product image (https://image.prntscr.com/image/qejO6TCjQn_GnI4qBW_CrQ.png)


    You should then have cancelled any existing purchases! If you need help with any of the above or wish to have your cancellation confirmed you can submit a support request and we will look into it.

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