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  2. Why did you ban me? My SteamID is 76561198829885403 I was banned by the EU main server for a year. I didn't do anything. Why block me? What's the reason for banning me?

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  6. Hello I just came back to rust and I tried to play long 2 and some other rustafied servers but it says I am banned = ban evasion , could you please explain what that means and how do I get unbanned ?

  7. Why did the ban not go away? I talked to you and said that it will be removed on July 7

  8. hello Meeko i bought vip not sure if wrong id or what but i need the refund or something vip is not working



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  10. im a noob watch me farm.

  11. ananızı sikerim

  12. hello meeko i responded to your ticket man

  13. Hi im just trying to get my card to go through and it keeps telling me to come to the support


  14. Hello World !!!

  15. Why did you not reply after submitting the work order for 3 days?

    Why are you online and don’t see the ticket I submitted?

    The previous ban has disappointed me, and now I waited for 3 days, the efficiency of dealing with the problem is really fast, very fast.

  16. You don't consider someone spamming "I hate N****RS" in chat something that affects the entire server? This is not an issue for you?

    1. Tidus_Rustafied


      Not once was that spammed. If you would like to talk more on this topic, send me a private message. 

  17. 你好!我在SEA LONG被禁止了游戏我不清楚为什么我希望您可以给我解除禁令我非常热爱这个游戏我已经玩了很长一段时间了3500小时从来没有违反过任何一条禁令

  18. 你好!我在SEA LONG被禁止了游戏我不清楚为什么我希望您可以给我解除禁令我非常热爱这个游戏我已经玩了很长一段时间了3500小时从来没有违反过任何一条禁令

  19. 你好!我在SEA LONG被禁止了游戏我不清楚为什么我希望您可以给我解除禁令我非常热爱这个游戏我已经玩了很长一段时间了3500小时从来没有违反过任何一条禁令

  20. 你好! 我在SEA LONG   被禁止了游戏 我不清楚为什么 我希望您可以给我解除禁令 我非常热爱这个游戏 我已经玩了很长一段时间了 3500小时从来没有违反过任何一条禁令 除了上次在EU TIRO ! 希望您可以给我解除  谢谢

  21. 你好! 我在SEA LONG   被禁止了游戏 我不清楚为什么 我希望您可以给我解除禁令 我非常热爱这个游戏 我已经玩了很长一段时间了 3500小时从来没有违反过任何一条禁令 除了上次在EU TIRO ! 希望您可以给我解除  谢谢

  22. Playing on Rustafied.com - EU Trio

  23. here I want to explain,

    I irwinsyah akasi and use nick name Num1

    I am from Indonesia, playing in internet cafes 24 hours / week !!

    I'm ban on evasion, from a rustafied server.
    because my account is accused of being an account that is linked to one of the accounts that they issued.

    for no apparent reason, and the response is slow, very unfortunate.

    I just want to confirm that I am not the account that you are accusing.
    and if it's wrong, please give the right reason ... !!

    I request that the tickets that I report be processed immediately.



  24. I will not ask continuously if it's true my fault ..

    but I will ask continuously if I am right ..
    because I feel like my players' rights are taken away, and there is no further explanation ..

    don't ask why, because your response is slow.
    I as a person who is accused feel ignorant of this.




  25. Is the evasion ban like this?

    accusing people without hard evidence !!

  26. I had not played rust for several days, but was banned
    I asked the administrator which hacker got me banned, and the administrator wouldn't tell me. I wonder why

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