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YRN Clan Recruiting for Rustified MAIN (NA) ​ Hello potential applicant. ​ Welcome to YRN Clan. We value maturity and trust-ability. We have a steady ranking system. Mission plan is to be known around the whole Rust Community, We are a very hard working clan that has big plans for the future. If you ever have any questions about Us Just contact us. We make sure are Recruits, Members Are always taken care of, And if They have any problems they can ask Me or any other Officers And we will help resolve the problem. I hope to see you in the Future by making this Clan the best Clan. ​ Requirements: -You must have 2,000+ hours in game. -Must be 16+ yrs old. -Must not be weak minded, you will hear "mean/offensive" words. No Snowflakes. -Must be mature -Must have a minimum of 150 hours per week of in-game availability. -Good Coms. -No rage quitting. -Have to change your name for ex. YRN Logic -Must Make your steam profile available for public review by Leaders. -Must be able to speak and understand English -Must have a working microphone with clear sound and minimum background noise (push to talk preferred) -No Hackers, We won't accept anyone who has a Game Ban that's less than 1 Year old -What we need: -More Players we don't have that many. -We need 1-3 Good builders, -We need more Farmers and People that can PvP as well - WE ARE A SERIOUS GROUP!!! *https://discord.gg/g9yHs9p

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