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On The Pulse of Rust

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All of us played in bigger clans at some point and decided to move away from the hectic and unfamiliar atmosphere to something smaller, more decent. Our members have between 1 - 2,5k hours in the game, they all know what they are doing. We love and play ALL aspects of the Game. We see Raids as the endgame goal of Rust and it is what we love to do! Even if the group is full for a wipe, we always take 1 - 2 recruits, which then can join the next wipe, or as fast as if someone gets less active. So always leave a message with your steam, if you think you might fit in our concept and we are what you are looking for. Most of us have Vip for EU Long and we would love if you get it too. We are serious players :) The Team tag "aKa" stands for "also known as" and member´s names forge with aKa. + Steamtag. Requirements: You need to be 16+ age and dont scream too much in voice. Also we prefer players who are able to raid early in the morning, between 08.00 - 12.00 am European Winter Time. 1k+ hours prefered but not mandatory. We play semi-hardcore, so only apply if you play at least 4h a day. Playstyle: we play as a team, not a clan. We roam and raid together. We all build our own bases - next to each other. Everyone is responsible for his own base, within our community compound. Every member should be able to sustain himself. Folks who are not contributing their load have no chance! We help each other out and share stuff if neccessary. For more add me on steam or leave your own: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130453180/ See you in Rust!

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