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On The Pulse of Rust

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I have a small group of 4 people where we usually dominate the server against other groups. But we now want to take on clans. You must be good, preferably at least 500 hours. Discord: https://discord.gg/cjahG36

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  2. Hi guys, sorry I missed last wipe. It was the Canada day weekend and was busy with family. If you don't already know rustafied odd is our main server for this clan. I have a ton of bp on the server and will be playing the full wipe. Remember to join the discord as I will be in one of the voice channels.
  3. JellyKid

    First clan wipe!!!

    Hey guys, rustafied Medium wipes at 5:00PM tomorrow and can be a great time to see how the clan will evolve, who will be kicked, and who to trust. Now the discord is posted in the description of the clan and will be how we communicate. Also I forgot to mention our main server will be Rustified Odd. Don't be late or you will miss the queue!
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