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On The Pulse of Rust

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LemonVille is seasoned village dedicated on providing sanctuary and intellect to nakeds fresh off of US Main Beaches. Any queries are to be taken up with Lemons in the Lemonville discord.

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  1. What's new in this clan
  2. The Day has come we are back! Join discord.
  3. Obviously this is a while ago from today (1/16/2018), but stick around. My group is currently on another server for the time being if interested contact me. Otherwise we will be back on rustafied better then ever.
  4. 4lemons


    A war is approaching.
  5. Village Time baby
  6. Lemonville will be happening all through December, and charitable rust.
  7. 4lemons


    Check in on discord we might be doing something
  8. 4lemons


    Nope, no lemonville this wipe
  9. Lemonville will not be happening
  10. Check in on discord tomorrow before 2pm est. I will be trying to get something going on rustafied main, maybe a hotel or village.
  11. We will be building a village/hotel on main on this date
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