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On The Pulse of Rust

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We are a bunch of beast who cuck the salty zergs! We also raid Naked 1x1's and wood armor 2x2's. Hope on for serious raids and massive clan wars against the hobos. We will roof camp any naked trying to get a tree and it only takes 68 rifle ammo on average to take down a afk naked. Our skill level is through the roof and we have over 5 hours on rust alone. We shoot all of our rockets at Bradley and miss 4 out of 5 times. We are so good that if we get domed the other salty edgy teens are cheating. We make shops for naked's, and put auto turrets on the beach. We have tanky bases every wipe but for lazy farmers. We are sponsored by KCmoTV, SuspectLIVE, and Max Mears's momma.

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  1. What's new in this clan
    All around great leader with a lot of knowledge and sponsors.
  2. Lets get all the juicy loots from that naked's 2x2 across the street. He's been taking all of my full metal armor and ak kits, with his eoka pistol. Lets make sure he is offline and ask dot to help us. We will set up a 10x15 raid base with 8 auto turrets surrounding it. We are lazy farmers with a tanky base! This raid is sponsored by KCmoTV and SuspectLIVE streaming straight from his jail cell. We have about 2 satchels ready and need sulfur quick, before he adds on. Were looking for about 2 hemp seeds to maintain profit in this massive zerg vs. naked raid. Any help will be needed as we take in this edgy teen outside my base.

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