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On The Pulse of Rust

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Closed Clan

This is a closed clan, meaning only members of the clan can see content within it.

About This Clan

The 🩸[BE] BloodEmpire🩸 new clan with the future looking for a members. We playing to have fun and for grow up back rust server FallenSun. If you think you're good enough for this this requirements then write to owner. Main server: ☀️FallenSun☀️ ! Requirements: 💢Active member - Member is active minimum 2h in the day. 💢Respectful member - Member is respectful to other members and don't saying bad words. 💢 Worth member - Member is trustworthly and he is ready to work for his base. 💢15 years old - Member have 15 age or more. 💢Just this clan - Member is ready to work just for this clan and not for 100 others. 💬 Contact: Discord: Woffie#8429

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  1. Zeedle




    November 22

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