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On The Pulse of Rust

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LDS Clan

Closed Clan

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About This Clan

We are an old clan with experience. If you want to join: ->Clan Recruitment recruiting new members for LDS Clan. -Why join us?- We are an old clan with experience and a different way of treating newbies. We aim to have fun and are open for suggestions. You need to be from the EU or UK! We play on Rustafied.com - EU Hapis. ->Requirements/Minimum: *Have 100+ Hours *Have good gamesense *Play 5 days a week (min. 1H/day) *Know how to roam in a group *Don't be toxic *Stay organised in base -This is how it works- We give new members a gun or if your not a pvp guy tools and you show us what you can bring back that will give you your spot in the clan. Then it depends at witch time you join: Begin wipe-> if you are active and a real addon to the team your rank will be battle hardened Midwipe-> always recruit until we trust you End wipe-> well this is always different Our discord : https://discord.gg/ngM7975

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    August 14

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