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On The Pulse of Rust

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rT. Clan

Closed Clan

This is a closed clan, meaning only members of the clan can see content within it.

About This Clan

Hello everyone. Welcome to the rT clan page. To begin with I would like to mention that this clan is one of Romanian nationality so we only accept Romanians in the clan. (to understand us much better and to communicate much easier) As rules, we do not have very strict rules only some very important ones: 1) Don't be racist; 2) Behaved nicely with the other members; 3) Understand that this is just a game; Thanks for the understanding and if you want to join the clan, do not hesitate to add me on the steam and from there I will take you. Add me: https://steamcommunity.com/id/LimeOn01/

Leaders & Moderators

  1. LimeOn




    July 31

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