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Bridge Builders
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This clan is dedicated to building bridges between the gaps. Nobody likes having to run around a lake. Our mission is to provide access to hard to reach places on the map. No bridge can be built without teamwork. Come help us build something fun and useful. Maybe kill a few people along the way ;) The clan will be set up into 2 groups. The Bridge Defense Team, and the Bridge Building Team. Positions are open for both groups at the moment.

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US Odd

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  2. Welcome! Thank you for coming to my clan page. My name is Tremolo Soul and I am the founding member of Bridge Builders. I hope you enjoy your stay. We here at Bridge Builders strive to create many useful buildings for the Rustafied Odd server community. Our primary focus is making every island accessible. We believe that Nakeds and Sweatlords should both be allowed to cross the map freely. As a member of the Bridge Builders, you will either be sorted into the Engineers or the Security team. Please do your best to help members inside the group and outside the group learn and grow. We all enjoy every aspect of Rust. Let's make it a better place to enjoy those things. Thank you. And again, welcome to Bridge Builders. Please find our shop on the map and apply in person, in-game. All other applications will not be considered. No exceptions. -Tremolo Soul
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